Collequity Co:
Unpacking Privilege Through Collequitable Consumption

Gino Lorenzo Marocco

How can consumer motives for purchasing soft goods be redirected to a new model designed for equity and social benefit?

Acknowledging privilege and the power dynamics of binary oppositions is the first step in dismantling oppression. COLLEQUITY CO is a social fashion enterprise focused on generating privilege awareness through soft goods while creating equity through purchasing, employment, education and production.

COLLEQUITY CO’s community production house offers design education, employment, emotional support and skill sharing for at-risk marginalized youth. The production process is designed to be cathartic and empowering, embedding socially meaningful messages into soft goods for consumers. This system was conceptualized in response to unimaginative production practices and the alarming disassociation between user and maker. Profit from products sold is reinvested entirely into creating jobs and educational programs for youth at COLLEQUITY CO.

Photography: Nicole Torres