Work in progress exhibition by design students of OCAD University

Students from the Industrial Design and Graphic Design programs at OCAD University are featuring their self-authored work in progress through print, film, interaction design, prototypes, and full scale models. The projects raise questions and respond to global issues through visual, physical, and interactive outcomes.

The exhibition has been mounted with an intention to engage the public, such that conversation and observation may be thoughtfully integrated into graduation projects; a culmination of four years of study within a Bachelor of Design at OCAD University.

Visitors to the exhibition will find students working in the space, which has been created to foster collaborative opportunities across the Industrial Design and Graphic Design departments at OCAD University.

Saturday January 19, 2019 - Sunday January 27, 2019

Monday - Thursday: 14:00-19:00
Friday: 14:00-20:00
Saturday: 12:00-19:00
Sunday: 14:00-17:00

950 Queen Street West (between Ossington Ave. & Shaw St.)

Thursday January 24, 19:00-23:00


Karin von Ompteda, Koby Barhad, Angelika Seeschaaf Veres


Graphic Design
Tahreem Alvi
Donya Aref
Abbey Chong
Jodie Leung
Michelle Lu
Jessica Nunez
Cecilia Salcedo
Willow Sharp

Industrial Design
Daniel Antonucci
Julia Babici
Sony Chen
Jacob Cogan
Kim Do
Jesse Martini
Gino Lorenzo Marocco
Jannyl V. Molina
Aras Puodziunas
Krisette Santamaria
Liza Tawadrous
Zoe Trommer